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Numizmatičke Vijesti, Vol.54 No.65 Studeni 2012.

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Decorations Awarded by the Independent State of Croatia according to Nationality

Roman Pavić   ORCID icon ; KBC Sestre milosrdnice, Zagreb, CRO

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Pavić, R. (2012). Dodjela odlikovanja Nezavisne Države Hrvatske prema nacionalnoj pripadnosti. Numizmatičke Vijesti, 54(65), 192-205. Preuzeto s

Decorations awarded by the Independent State of Croatia (ISC) are very rare, they were only awarded for a short period of time, and after World War II they were destroyed in fear of repression by the new communist authorities. The decorations were even destroyed by their holders and family members in fear of reprisals by the new regime.
After World War II all traces that ISC decorations had been awarded, such as charters, decrees, photographs and the orders themselves, led to sure death or many years of imprisonment, both of the decoration holder and of anyone in any way connected with awards. ISC decorations are known to have been very beautiful and well made, designed by prominent Croatian artists of the time. The data known so far about the awards of ISC decorations were printed in Vjestnik ministarstva oružanih snaga NDH (News of the Ministry of the Armed Forces of the ISC) and in the official gazette Narodne novine. The author does not give data about these decorations that has already published, but shows previously unpublished information about the awards of ISC decorations according to national affiliation and compares this with data published earlier.

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