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Prilozi za istraživanje hrvatske filozofske baštine, Vol.43. No.1 (85) Siječanj 2018.

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Is Astrology Mathematics or Metaphysics? Raguseius’ Letter to Medo

Mihaela Girardi-Karšulin

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Girardi-Karšulin, M. (2017). Da li je astrologija matematika ili metafizika? Raguseiusovo pismo Medu . Prilozi za istraživanje hrvatske filozofske baštine, 43.(1 (85)), 29-47. Preuzeto s

This article elucidates a letter written by Georgius Raguseius to Antun Medo on 10 October 1601, which, under the title “De circulis eccentricis et epicyclis,” was included into his manuscript Epistolae morales, dialecticae et mathematicae, kept at the British Library. In this letter Raguseius rejects Medo’s criticism of Ptolemy, that is, his criticism of epicycles and excentres. It has not been established whether Medo
and Raguseius ever met or exchanged letters (which is plausible), yet in Chapter 8 of his commentary In duodecimum librum Metaphysicae Aristotelis expositio (1598) Medo refutes Ptolemy and his mathematical approach to astrology. Hence, in this article Raguseius’ letter to Medo is viewed as a criticism of Medo’s commentary.
Contrary to Medo, Raguseius promotes astrology as a mathematical discipline, by which the excenters and epicycles are necessary in order “to save phenomena,” i. e., the regularity of celestial movements and irregularity of the planetary motions.
Medo refuses to accept astrology as mathematics, but classifies it under metaphysics.
Both philosophers, however, reject judicial astrology. Both philosophers are Aristotelians who strive to save Aristotelianism, though each in his own way. In view of the development of early modern natural science, both attempts were doomed to failure.
Yet the attempts of Georgius Raguseius and Antun Medo are not insignificant, because by pointing to the limits of Aristotelianism, they also emphasised its meaning, character, and achievements.

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Georgius Raguseius; Antun Medo / Antonius Medus; excentric circles; epicycle; isagogic astrology; judicial astrology; mathematics; metaphysics

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