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Students' Sociometric Status in an Educational Group

Sara Čorak ; Učenički dom Novi Zagreb Zagreb, Hrvatska

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A boarding school is a place of students' mental, physical, emotional, personal and social development, and a place where we develop democracy, social skills, tolerance, interests, and dialogue. Sociometric survey, in The Novi Zagreb Boarding School, has been conducted with the aim of finding out students' status within an educational group, and to analyze the co - relation between the educational success of the leader and the success of other students. It has shown that group leaders have influence on other students' educational success, and they play a big role when it comes to students' final grades in education. The teacher and the educator have a role to organise educational group activities, provide support for students, and they are the initiators in the entire educational process. They plan and evaluate boarding school's educational work through many forms of cooperation. This type of research allows us to find out a lot about students' relationships, which are not always so transparent. This way we can also form new kinds of relationships with group leaders so they themselves can then influence other group members, which makes the whole process a lot easier especially when dealing with problems related to students in boarding school.

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Boarding School; Educational Group; Educator; Group; Leader; Teacher

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