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Vladimir Horvat ; Fakultet filozofije i religijskih znanosti Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Ivana Klinčić ; Hrvatski studiji Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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Horvat, Vladimir and Ivana Klinčić. "PAVLINSKI GLAZBENI PRIRUČNICI." Kaj, vol. 50 (238), no. 3-4 (346-347), 2017, pp. 153-163. Accessed 19 Sep. 2020.
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V. Horvat and I. Klinčić, "PAVLINSKI GLAZBENI PRIRUČNICI", Kaj, vol.50 (238), no. 3-4 (346-347), pp. 153-163, 2017. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 19 September 2020]

The paper provides an overall description of Pauline liturgical books and hymnals according to data in available archive material, on basis of up-to-date research work found on record, and by including new insight acquired by the authors. Only one of the many existing then manuscripts with musical contents was preserved, the so-called Pavlinska pjesmarica (Pauline Hymnal), bound inside the Pavlinski zbornik (Pauline anthology) dating 1644, and preserved at Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica u Zagrebu (National and University Library in Zagreb). The other described liturgical books and hymnals are not available, i.e. their fate is unknown. We learn about them from archive documents consisting of inventory lists in Pauline monasteries and notes made by the Pauline historian Nikola Benger (died 1766), who himself had seen some of the books. The following books from the „lost“ collections are described: a) 13 books that had belonged to the Pauline monastery choir at Lepoglava, of which there is testimony in the inventory list dating from 1632 ; b) the published hymnal Boghomila (Graz, 1665) with hymns glorifying St Paul the First Hermit, of which there are two existing documents – the Pauline monastery inventory list from 1722 in the town of Novi, and the notes on Ivan Belostenec made by Nikola Benger around 1766; c) the manuscript collection Philomela sacra noted down by Leopold Feiczinger, with Nikola Benger confirming of its existence in the Lepoglava monastery and in his work Annalium (1743).

Paulines; Pauline Hymnal; Bogomila, Philomela; Ivan Belostenec

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