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Do we Live Healthy?

Biljana Knežević ; Osnovna škola Vladimir Nazor, Đakovo, Hrvatska

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The modern way of living with the lack of movement and unhealthy food consumption leads to weight gain and obesity in children and increases the risk of developing various diseases. In order to study if the eating habits of our students were healthy, and in what extent the students were physically active in their free time a research project was conducted in Primary school Vladimir Nazor in Đakovo, on a sample of 253 students from first to fourth grade. The goal of the research was set, the problem was pointed out and the tasks of the research were outlined based on the eating habits of children and their physical activity in free time. It is worth to look at the results of the food consumption through wishes and aspirations of students as well as the results of free time spent without sports, and free time spent in front of a computer and TV screen. Education in school could affect the nutrition of children and the food consumption of the entire population by teaching children about proper nutrition, meaning of the food ingredients and organism needs. We should raise the awareness among children about the importance of proper nutrition, and physical activity from an early age, since they are significant factors for proper growth and development of the child, but also a precondition of health in adulthood.

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proper nutrition; obesity; overweight; school kitchen; physical activity; healthy living

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