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Dubravka Čanić   ORCID icon ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Hrvatska

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Čanić, D. (2018). KARLOVAČKI ČASOPIS "SVJETLO". Kaj, 51 (240) (1-2 (350-351)), 83-96.
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D. Čanić, "KARLOVAČKI ČASOPIS "SVJETLO"", Kaj, vol.51 (240), no. 1-2 (350-351), pp. 83-96, 2018. [Online].

This paper elaborates on the journal „Svjetlo“. In cultural and historical terms, it is an extremely important journal for the city of Karlovac, published discontinuously, changing over time and adapting to the people and the city by recording the pulse of time. The journal is analyzed through three periods of its publishing. The first period of publication from 1884 to1919 is covered first, then the second period from 1965 to1971, when „Svjetlo“ was published as a supplement to the newspaper „Karlovački tjednik“, and was edited by the subcommittee of „Matica hrvatska“ Karlovac. The journal is finally analyzed in the third stage of its publishing, which started in 1990 and continues to this day. „Svjetlo“ changed greatly over the years of its publishing, but what is constant is that it is a local journal committed to culture, science and art.

Key words: Karlovac, journals; Matica hrvatska; journal „Svjetlo“

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