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Antun Mažuranić’s Accentual Theory

Helena Delaš ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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Delaš H. Naglasna teorija Antuna Mažuranića. Croatica [Internet]. 2018 [pristupljeno 18.06.2019.];42(62):295-306. doi:
H. Delaš, "Naglasna teorija Antuna Mažuranića", Croatica, vol.42, br. 62, str. 295-306, 2018. [Online]. doi:

This article tries to provide support for standard Croatian accentual patterns by studying modern Stokavian accentual models in old Croatian grammar books, especially those published before the 1890s. Mažuranić’s Slovnica is the first extensive description of the accentual patterns of standard Croatian, and it is therefore important to investigate the position of Mažuranić’s accentology work in relation to the predominant Karadžić-Daničić prosodic system. In view of the fact that Mažuranić demonstrated the existence of a firm link between the Stokavian and Chakavian accents, it is shown that Mažuranić’s idea of the foundation of the standard language as a superregional variety was not altogether in accordance with the school of thought established by Vuk Karadžić.

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Croatian accentuation; Antun Mažuranić; grammar; standard Croatian

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