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The catechetical sense of the concept of beauty

Dragomir Sando   ORCID icon ; Orthodox Faculty of Theology, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

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One of the basic characteristics of pedagogy is beauty. Beauty that in the broadest sense, means all of the aesthetic means of creating a particular way, the existence and the ultimate meaning of the world, and thus the educational system. Beauty thus becomes the property of the cosmological, anthropological, theological, ecclesiological, sociological and other features of the world. The man has perpetrated such a nice man, a perfectly sweet but not being completed, and as such hold’s possibilities of eternal life for real luminary of divine light and beauty. Man, as an icon of God and is created with the intention to be a perfectly nice and enlightened because it is God- and made for something much more sublime and infinitely more valuable than anything that exists.

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beauty; church; creation; aesthetics; art; education; formation

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