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Physical Activities in Schools

Đurđica Petrović ; OŠ Šećerana, Šećerana, Beli Manastir Beli Manastir, Hrvatska

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The aim of this paper is to emphasize the importance of the influence of physical activity on the physical and mental health of the pupils, i.e. its influence on increasing the overall health of the individual. Also, the importance of the early start of physical activity, as well as the involvement of all the stakeholders in the promotion and implementation of these activities, has been emphasized. The importance of an early start of physical activity is highlighted among teachers working with children of younger age. The life and work of students should be organized in such a way to have a positive impact on their development, on the development of their abilities and traits as well as on health, as a prerequisite and foundation for all human activities. There are ways of achieving the goals and tasks of physical and health culture both through teaching and teaching process, but also through extra-curricular and extracurricular organizational forms of work. It was emphasized the importance of involving as many students as part of extracurricular and extra-curricular activities as well as in school sports clubs. This is an example of encouraging physical activities in teaching practice that promotes and promotes the massive participation of students in physical activities and beyond the teaching process.

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physical activity in school; extracurricular and non-formal organizational forms of work, sports school clubs

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