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Architecture in Ivanić Grad 1960-1985; Exhibition

Luka Krmpotić

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L. Krmpotić, "Arhitektura u Ivanić Gradu 1960.-1985.; Izložba", Prostor, vol.27, br. 2 (58), str. 367-367, 2019. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 17.06.2021.]

The exhibition Architecture in Ivanić Grad 1960-1985 is a follow-up on the research into the small town architecture in the second half of the 20th century. The series of thematically related exhibitions had been previously started with the exhibition Architecture in Kutina 1955-1985 mounted by Ines Mravunac. The authors of this exhibition Vlatka Berlan Vlahek, Ines Mravunac and Petra Vlahek successfully captured the most intensive building period when Zagreb was actually transformed into a modern city. A breakthrough in the development of what was until then a craft-based commercial and agricultural small town came by mid-20th century when the discovery of oil and gas sources boosted up its economic development. The value of the exhibition lies in finding design documents and original photographs from the period immediately before the construction when no archive documents really exist. The newly-discovered materials, presented in a high-quality graphic format, provide clear insight into local architectural production in a simple and informative way. They highlight the value of modernist buildings that formed the town’s identity and emphasize the importance of their preservation.

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