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A Contribution to the History of the Ragusan Antonine kindred of Kladorubović

Esad Kurtović ; Odsjek za historiju, Filozofski fakultet Univerziteta Sarajevo

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APA 6th Edition
Kurtović, E. (2019). Prilog povijesti dubrovačkoga antuninskog roda Kladorubovići. Povijesni prilozi, 38 (57), 7-30.
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Kurtović, Esad. "Prilog povijesti dubrovačkoga antuninskog roda Kladorubovići." Povijesni prilozi 38, br. 57 (2019): 7-30.
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Kurtović E. Prilog povijesti dubrovačkoga antuninskog roda Kladorubovići. Povijesni prilozi [Internet]. 2019 [pristupljeno 18.04.2021.];38(57):7-30.
E. Kurtović, "Prilog povijesti dubrovačkoga antuninskog roda Kladorubovići", Povijesni prilozi, vol.38, br. 57, str. 7-30, 2019. [Online].

The Ragusan society is an open and rewarding research topic as well as a space for the creative engagement of researchers from various professions. An important basis for its evaluation is Vlajki’s genealogy of the Antunines (VGA), a kind of a “memory book” of this social layer, shaped according to the needs of constructing the markers of their identity (Zrinka Pešorda Vardić). The VGA is not only a chronicle based on primary sources, but also a partial recapitulation of the oral tradition that was shaped in line with the contemporary requirements and deliberate interventions from later times. The earliest information about certain families in the VGA should be subjected to additional enquiry, and this paper treats one such case, the Kladorubović kindred. Namely, contrary to the claims of the VGA, the founder of the family, Mirko Pribinjić, also known as Kladorup, was not a member of nobility, his arrival to Ragusa was not connected to the murder committed in the Bosnian royal court, and he did not come from Srebrenica, but rather from Cernica. The person who made these claims about the Kladorubovići in the VGA unjustifiably favoured Srebrenica over Cernica. The presented sources show that the reconstruction of the Kladorubović family tree is an open task. Further research of archival sources regarding the descendants of Radonja and Stjepko Mirković will allows us to create a more complete image of the family. Through archival documents we have gathered information about the cousin of Marko Pribinjić, his son Stjepko Mirković, as well as his descendants and daughter Dominika, all of them absent from the VGA. Even though they are mentioned in passing, these documents uncover the business arrangements, dwelling places, connections to others, and the rise of the family on the social ladder. The gathered sources suffice for a monograph study about the Kladorubovići. The material allows for an assumption that certain problems among the descendants of the two brothers, Stjepko and Radonja Mirković, arose from the testament of their father, Mirko Pribinjić Kladorub. These problems within the family may have also been the reason why the information about its members are formulated this way in the VGA and why certain information was clearly omitted, as the family story was shaped by the members of the stronger and more influential line of Radonja Mirković and not by unbiased and independent researchers of historical sources.

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Vlajki’s genealogy of the Antunines; Kladorubovići; Mirko Pribinjić called Kladorub; Cernica

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