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Lifelong learning within the institution

Višnja Perin ; Human Resources Professional Association – Centar HR
Snježana Terihaj ; Croatian Employment Service

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Constant education and training of employees is a part of achieving development, improvement and efficiency of the organization. Economists consider human capital and organizational skills key factors of the organization's competitiveness. Both factors are developed through education and training of employees. Outcome of education and skill development should primarily lead to development of personal potentials. Also, it should be one of the key elements of activities of all employees since dynamics, adaptivity and competitivity are always expected in their work environment. Management of any organization today requires adoption of new competencies of employees (adoption of knowledge, development of skills and gaining experience). Lack of skills and knowladge and their adaptability (or their mismatch with the needs of labour market and organization itself) are often reasons of inefficiency and negative image of the organization in public. That is the reason why it is necessary that organization continously teaches or supports teaching environment for its employees. The paper gives an overview of development of education of workers in Croatian Employment Service and experiences that workers have had with different forms of organized education.

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efficiency of the institutions, the education of workers, lifelong learning

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