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Slovo : Journal of Old Church Slavonic Institute, No.56-57 March 2008.

Original scientific paper

Cyrillic manuscript in Gotha from the beginning of thr 18th century: Prayer for princesses

Marica Čunčić

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Čunčić, M. (2008). Molitva za kneginje: ćirilski rukopis u Gothi s početka 18. st.. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (56-57), 119-129. Retrieved from

The paper bifolia with Cyrillic text has the same call number as the 14th century fragment of the Croatian Glagolitic Missal in the Forschungsbibliothek Gotha, Germany. Although it shares the same folio numeration, it has been identified as the Russian Church Slavonic Pomjannik’, a prayer for the dead according to the Russian Orthodox Church tradition. The praise of repentance and generosity in alms giving is followed by the prayer for the late princess Anna Alexeevna, a daughter of Tsar Alexej Mihailovič Romanov, and for her aunts, the three daughters of Tsar Mihailo Fiodorovič Romanov, namely the princesses Irina, Anna and Tatjana. According to the latest date of death the text was not written before Aug. 24, 1706. The ornaments of the prayer text are not ordinary because the Pomjannik’ had to be presented to emperor’s family. The illumination was done by a scribe and miniaturist Radul whose name is written in the Latin script at the bottom of the illustration which has the characteristics of the 17th century linear painting.

Pomjannik’; Orthodox Church; princess Anna Mihailovna; princess Tatjana Mihailovna; princess Irina Mihailovna; princess Anna Alexeevna; painter Radul

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