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Maca Cicak ; Social Welfare Center Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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Although death and dying became a separate scientific topic, the knowledge about living a life of quality until the very end is still insufficient. Palliative care – the care about the dying and their families - provides many answers in this area. It is dedicated to creating the circumstances in which death becomes acceptable and dignified, thus promoting the concept of good death.

The existing national and international reviews of good death in terminally ill persons are fragmentary and lack an integrative approach. The purpose of this paper is to integrate the individual reviews into a whole through the survey of recent theoretical notions, and to systematically and analytically describe the aspects of good death.

Presented notions point out that good death is a fundamental human right and value, as well as a dynamic and humanistic category which reflects the unique experience of the dying person. It is a markedly social event, and can be fully realised only within the social environment and through relationships with other people. Some of its most desirable aspects are: naturalness, quality of life, managing symptoms, pain and feelings, personal values, social support, humanity and dignity, spirituality and care about the family.

good death; quality of dying; aspects of good death; palliative care

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