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The Pre-Contractual Condition and the Modern Order

Ankica Čakardić ; Faculty of Arts and Sciences Rijeka, University of Rijeka, Croatia

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A. Čakardić, "Prije-ugovorno stanje i moderni red", Filozofska istraživanja, vol.28, br. 1, str. 35-48, 2008. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 30.03.2020.]

In introduction we are trying to define the term Modernity both in time and subject notion in relation with contemporary attempts of postulating postmodernism. Since the problem of »universalism« is the central position of the work, we are stressing here that critique of that modern fundament is not exclusively one postmodern method, we are assuming that that critique is simply logical inner-modern reason. The combining component of all elements which is revolving around »attack« at modern Descartes’ world and life paradigm didn’t arise as a part of eventual postmodernism, we can rather say that it has appeared even earlier as some other components like syncretism, eclecticism or removing the border between elite and pop culture have (Jameson).
The central part of the text deals with an idea of so called modern order; the pre-modern thought of civil in-order is based on attitude that natural state is chaotic and/or insecure so (therefore) it should be abandoned and overcame. In the case of social contract that can be done by methodical recipe which is based on mind principles. It will be shown that consequences of that mind order are not universal human being, his enlightenment and cultural nature modelling, but falling in barbarity (Horkheimer and Adorno), controlled reproduction of present system or discipline bio-power maintenance (Foucault) which are all together basic elements of modern contemporaneous. We are trying to propose arguments for strengthening presumed theses by critique of liberal pluralism and bio-political production.

Ključne riječi
modernity; postmodernism; universalism; liberalism; bio-power; bio-politics; Fredric Jameson

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