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Economic Progress Within Community Preservation

Randolph T. Hester, Jr.

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APA 6th Edition
Hester, Jr., R.T. (1996). Gospodarski napredak uz očuvanje zajednice. Prostor, 4 (1(11)), 7-26. Preuzeto s
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Chicago 17th Edition
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Hester, Jr. RT. Gospodarski napredak uz očuvanje zajednice. Prostor [Internet]. 1996 [pristupljeno 20.09.2021.];4(1(11)):7-26. Dostupno na:
R.T. Hester, Jr., "Gospodarski napredak uz očuvanje zajednice", Prostor, vol.4, br. 1(11), str. 7-26, 1996. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 20.09.2021.]

The author presents an urban revitalization project that has been acclaimed in the U.S.A. for providing an economic recovery for a dying small city while preserving lifestyles and landscapes valued by local residents. The process, design techniques and outcomes are evaluated. Research results indicate the general success of a technique for identifying the most valued places, the sacred structure of the city, that inspired the design for redevelopment. This technique likely can be successfully applied in other small towns and cities that face conflicts between the maintenance of cultural heritage and economic growth.

Ključne riječi
Community design; Cultural preservation; Economic development; Landscape archit.; Sacred places

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