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Review article

Infrared Thermography in Marine Applications

Vladimir Pašagić
Marijan Mužević
Dubravko Kelenc

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Infrared (IR) thermography has become a powerful tool for basic and applied scientifi c research
and for the application in various fi elds such as industry, environment, military and maritime affairs,
etc. As a „predictive“ maintenance tool, IR thermography has the ability to identify problems before
they occur. It is especially helpful for trouble shooting potential electrical overloads, worn or bad
circuit breakers and buses. IR thermography can also be used to detect bad bearings, shafts,
worn pulleys or any application where heat detection would be benefi cial.
This paper has the intention to familiarize researchers, engineers and sea business staff with
possibilities of applying IR thermography in the fi eld of maritime affairs. Therefore, basic principles
of IR thermography are presented and examples of the tool application are given.

Infrared thermography; marine application; non-destructive testing

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