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Anela Nikčević-Milković ; Visoka učiteljska škola, Gospić, Hrvatska

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Active and cooperative learning is the best training for occupations of the new millennium and the democratic way of life. Active learning must be the result of active teaching process.
Cooperative and active teaching is especially important for future teachers because they should be able to apply it in their own classrooms one day. Active learning means knowing how to learn efficiently, creating a need for a lifelong learning, and knowing how to think critically. Critical thinking involves grasping the deeper meaning of problems, keeping an open mind to different approaches and perspectives, and thinking reflectively rather than accepting statements and carryng out procedures without understanding and assessment.
Cooperative learning includes the knowledge about adequate team work. There are many methods and techniques used in active learning. Many are taught in the frames of the RWCT system (a basic system for thinking and learning). The aim of this paper is manifold:
1. to apply the active learning methods, develop critical, creative and logical thinking, various communication and cooperation skills;
2. to establish how students accept this type of learning, whether they are satisfied with it and whether they find it valuable. The methods of active and cooperative learning were applied in the lecture on the subject “The Periodization of Human Psychological Development” with 77 students of Teachers’ Training College in Gospić. After the class, students were asked to fill in a questionnaire about their satisfaction with and efficacy of these methods. Their assessment shows high levels of satisfaction and efficacy of these methods, which is in accord with the Evaluation of RWCT
Project by the American Institute for Research.

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