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Damir Kremenić ; Hrvatsko kulturno društvo Braće Radića, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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D. Kremenić, "KAPELICE I KRIŽEVI BRODKUPSKE DOLINE", Etnološka tribina, vol.34-35, br. 27-28, str. 173-183, 2005. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 21.06.2021.]

Passing through the Brodkupska Valley almost by accident, I have noticed exceptionally interesting crucifixion crosses and the baroque chapel in the village Čedanj near the Kupa river. This little known district is most densely marked by crucifixion crosses and chapels in the whole Gorski Kotar region. The appearance of these small
sacral monuments, that blend into the entirety of the village, have preserved the originality of the district. They have been created by the local craftsmen, mostly during the nineteenth century. When doing the fieldwork, the crucifixtion crosses and small chapels from the parishes of Podstene and Brod na Kupi have been researched, the
photographic documentation has been done, the information about their history have been collected and the architectural documentation for the chapels has been collected as well.

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crucifixion cross; pauper; small chapel; Brod na Kupi; Podstene

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