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Damir Kremenić ; Hrvatsko kulturno društvo Braće Radića, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Kremenić, D. (2003). PUČKA ARHITEKTURA LAĐEVAČKOG KRAJA. Etnološka tribina, 33 (26), 139-146. Preuzeto s
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Kremenić D. PUČKA ARHITEKTURA LAĐEVAČKOG KRAJA. Etnološka tribina [Internet]. 2003 [pristupljeno 16.06.2021.];33(26):139-146. Dostupno na:
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After terrible destruction during the 1990-1995 war, this paper notes the information on preserved wooden houses and farm buildings in the villages of Lađevac parish, together with several examples from Cvitović. The photographic and architectural documentation enables us to understand the organisation of house plot and the rules of
building. At the same time, the documented area of Slunj and Rastoke spreads to the area from Bornji Popovac to Salopek Luk. The owners of preserved traditional objects are encouraged to preserve and renovate the "non-modern" objects. Having worked with the folklore dancers from Kordun, the author became acquainted with four wooden houses in Lađevac that survived the 1990-1995 war. Ms Miroslava Hadžihusejnović-Valašek has initiated a small-scale research and documenting of the preserved. The author has embarked on the fieldtrip expecting to fing the pure remains, burnt down wooden houses, that is, the housing without anything else. However, he was pleasantly surprised with what he found in the villages of Lađevac. However, due to the large number of houses
and the short period of time that he had at disposal, he was not able to create any complete documentation. This paper is merely a first report from the field.

Ključne riječi
folk architecture; Lađevac; Kordun

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