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Architect Srećko Florschutz, 1882-1960.

Jasenka Kranjčević

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The author studied the complete town-planning and architectural work of Srećko Florschutz, an architect in the firts hart of the twentieth century. During almost fifty years buildings designed by Srećko Florschutz were built ln Zagreb (most of his work), in the villages of Kolarec near Križevei, Visoko near Novi Marof, Sveti Ivan Zelina and Gornja Rijeka near Krilevel. This architect is not well known among experts, so the author presents his curriculum vitae, a chronologlcal survey of his realized and non-realized work, his participation at competitions and exhibitions, a chronologlcal review of his works of art, literature about Srećko Florschutz, and a catalogue of the buildings he designed in Zagreb. This will to a certain degree complete knowledge about Croatian town planning and architecture. It took three years to gather the data for this article, and research was carried out in the Croatian State Archives in Zagreb, Zagreb Town Museum, Historical Archives of Bjelovar, Historical Archives of Zagreb, University and National Library in Zagreb.

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