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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.58 Prosinac 2008.

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Direct object and its variants in Croatian Church Slavonic

Jasna Vince

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Vince, J. (2008). Izravni objekt i njegove inačice u hrvatskome crkvenoslavenskome jeziku. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (58), 63-86. Preuzeto s

A description of accusative as a typical case of direct object in Croatian Church Slavonic consists of a survey of noun phrases and prepositional phrases alternating with it. In this comparison genitive has a special status because it is the only case – apart from accusative – which often plays the role of direct object in certain syntactic environments. Instrumental alternating with accusative sometimes has a role of direct object too. Dative is another case alternating with accusative. As a marginal case it builds an indirect object and not a direct one. Various prepositional phrases can also be expressed as direct objects. Sentences with two accusative objects are
further discussed. A special case is the omitted direct object. Finally, as a result of the shift of perspective, direct object can be coded as subject. In certain cases adverbs can be substituted for direct objects.
In this paper a distribution of the accusative direct objects and expressions alternating with it in many examples of Croatian Church Slavonic is presented and their patterns are discussed. Four Croatian Glagolitic missals: Hrvoje’s
Missal, the Vatican Borg. Illirico 4, Prince Novak’s Missal and the Missal from Roč and two old Croatian lectionaries: Bernardin’s and Ranjina’s compared to the parallel texts from two recent Croatian editions of Bible prove the spread
of accusative as direct object at the expence of other syntactic solutions. The only two exceptions are explicative objects that give way to prepositional phrases and tautological objects which are strongly stylistically marked.

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Croatian Church Slavonic; Old Croatian language; Croatian language; direct object; variants

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