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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.59 Prosinac 2009.

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Nouns derived by the suffix -čii in the Croatian Glagolitic texts

Sandra Sudec ; Staroslavenski institut, Zagreb

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Sudec, S. (2009). Imenice izvedene sufiksom -čii u hrvatskoglagoljskim tekstovima. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (59), 151-165. Preuzeto s

The author discusses the nouns derived by the less productive and rarely attested suffix -čii in Old Church Slavonic (OCS) and in the Croatian Glagolitic texts from the corpus for the Dictionary of the Croatian Redaction of Church Slavonic. Scholars have mostly agreed on the Turkic origin of the suffix, which was first proposed by V. Jagić (1898). There are six derivations by the suffix -čii in the canonical OCS texts attested. Both their suffix and their stem is of foreign origin, i.e. they are loan-words. They are derived from the nominal stems. In the redactions of Church Slavonic these nouns can also be derived from the verbal and from the Slavic stems. In the Croatian Glagolitic texts five derivations of this kind have been preserved: čvančii, hlebčii, knigočiê, krьmčii, pisьčiê. Only two of them are known from the the OCS texts (OCS kъnigъčii and krъmъčii, Croatian Church Slavonic knigočiê and krьmčii). Some of the derivations are also attested in the other redactions of Church Slavonic. The Croatian Glagolitic attestations are rare, except for the lexeme knigočiê. The most of the attestations were found in Vid Omišljanin’s Breviary, the Croatian Glagolitic codex that is asserted to be related to some older Macedonian source. Thus, it can be stated that the linguistic feature from the Preslav literary centre came
into the Croatian Glagolitic texts through the Ochrid literary centre. Hence the lexemes described in this paper speak in favour of the southern route of the Church Slavonic language.

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suffix -čii; noun formation; Croatian Glagolitic texts; Old Church Slavonic language; Turkic influence

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