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Education and Pluralism

Milan Polić

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Since education, unlike manipulation, is possible only as a co-action in freedom, it occurs, and can occur only at the point where educational co-actors’ (i.e. those in mutual educational co-acting) personalities are being respected and developed. That implies that the education is an action founded in respecting the Other as different, autonomous and free human being. Furthermore, that figures that the education is essentially always an education for pluralism of values, presuppositions, beliefs, thoughts, ways of life that people develop as their very own and through which they manifest their personalities. But, as the co-action in freedom, that respect has to be mutual.
Therefore, educating means developing the Other as different, as one that respects his own personality, but also respects Others’ personalities. And not only because one considers that as a way of paying for the right to his own personality by means of Others’ rights to be different, but because of being conscious that the personality is essentially possible only among different people who develop mutual respect exactly through their differences. Through that kind of communication, particularly by their singularity, they render new possibilities of personal development to Others. In other words, education takes place only there and then where other and different human beings occur, and as such have the greatest need for different Others, being themselves the human beings by helping Others to be ones.

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Different human; communication; manipulation; education; personality; pluralism; freedom; autonomy; co-action

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