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Ideology and Religion

Jakov Jukić

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According Marxist point of view religion was firstly determined
as alienation, and then as ideology. It has been interpreted and
kept stimulating economy and its interests, so it does not belong
in the basis but in the superstructure of the community. Once
destined in this way, religion ceased to be subject of the special
interest of Marxist criticizm, which turned to the society, politics
and economy. However, there is one current in Marxism - F.
Engels, A. Gramsci, L. Goldmann and E. Bloch - which emphasizes
ppposing characteristic of religion, not only its role of opium and
deadening of revolt of the poor and robbed, though insufficient
measure, because to them religion has never been independent
factor of the social development. Because of that Marxist criticism
of religion succombs triplicate judgement. Inspite of these justified
pieces of criticism, derives that Marxist conception of ideology - if
we eliminate from it eschatologycal components of the secular
religion - may be useful in discovering false conscience in the
postmodern societies. Since the postcommunist societies still are
that in great degree, would not be wrong to use criticism of ideology
in the reviewing and explanation of the mentioned system. Besides
also Christian historical religions have brought many and obvious
traces and signs of ideology, so from them we have to set off. In
that sense criticism of ideology - on the Marxist trače - has not
become antiquated, and neither untopical.

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