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Stanko Geić ; University of Split, Split, Croatia
Jakša Geić ; University of Split, Split, Croatia
Antonela Čmrlec ; Park-forest Marjan, Split, Croatia

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APA 6th Edition
Geić, S., Geić, J. i Čmrlec, A. (2010). ZDRAVSTVENI TURIZAM EGZISTENCIJALNA POTREBA U SUVREMENOM DRUŠTVU. Informatologia, 43 (4), 317-324. Preuzeto s
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Geić, Stanko, et al. "ZDRAVSTVENI TURIZAM EGZISTENCIJALNA POTREBA U SUVREMENOM DRUŠTVU." Informatologia, vol. 43, br. 4, 2010, str. 317-324. Citirano 19.02.2020.
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Geić, Stanko, Jakša Geić i Antonela Čmrlec. "ZDRAVSTVENI TURIZAM EGZISTENCIJALNA POTREBA U SUVREMENOM DRUŠTVU." Informatologia 43, br. 4 (2010): 317-324.
Geić, S., Geić, J., i Čmrlec, A. (2010). 'ZDRAVSTVENI TURIZAM EGZISTENCIJALNA POTREBA U SUVREMENOM DRUŠTVU', Informatologia, 43(4), str. 317-324. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 19.02.2020.)
Geić S, Geić J, Čmrlec A. ZDRAVSTVENI TURIZAM EGZISTENCIJALNA POTREBA U SUVREMENOM DRUŠTVU. Informatologia [Internet]. 2010 [pristupljeno 19.02.2020.];43(4):317-324. Dostupno na:
S. Geić, J. Geić i A. Čmrlec, "ZDRAVSTVENI TURIZAM EGZISTENCIJALNA POTREBA U SUVREMENOM DRUŠTVU", Informatologia, vol.43, br. 4, str. 317-324, 2010. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 19.02.2020.]

Tourism as one of the most distinct modern socio-economical phenomena of the world in its quantitative indicators is approaching gradually in the framework of international relations to billions of participants, with the economic effects that exceed the 800 billion USD. These sizes are almost triplicate by inclusion of domestic tourist migration, which gives more impressive social and economic dimension to a whole figure. It is logical that this movement with their economic effects are accomplishing 30% of world trade exchanges, 17% GDP, 12% of employment, 7% of investments, through direct, conversion or multiplier effects includes almost all spheres of modern economic and social superstructure and are manifesting very expressive with their positive but also possible negative connotations to the sociological and especially on the spatial sphere. Today very actual and extended mutual interactions between tourism, health and health culture in the modern society in this topic shall be analyzed considering two basic aspects and they are the following:
- Influence of level of health culture in the area of tourist initiative about making decision on joining the tourist migration as the important element of health preservation, and the quality of living, being familiar with all medical advantages in temporary changing working and living environment..
- Influence of health tourism as polyfunctional social phenomenon on the health of tourists and the level of health and social culture of certain area where it is developed in the context of accompanying possible negative consequences of intensive tourist development on the environment space and social sphere.

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Tourism; health; culture; ecology

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