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Original scientific paper

Use of slag from steel industry as concrete aggregate

Ivanka Netinger ; Građevinski fakultet Osijek
Dubravka Bjegović ; Građevinski fakultet Zagreb
Damir Varevac ; Građevinski fakultet Osijek
Dragan Morić ; Građevinski fakultet Osijek

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APA 6th Edition
Netinger, I., Bjegović, D., Varevac, D. & Morić, D. (2011). Primjena zgure iz čeličana kao agregata u betonu. Građevinar, 63 (02.), 169-175. Retrieved from
MLA 8th Edition
Netinger, Ivanka, et al. "Primjena zgure iz čeličana kao agregata u betonu." Građevinar, vol. 63, no. 02., 2011, pp. 169-175. Accessed 25 Sep. 2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Netinger, Ivanka, Dubravka Bjegović, Damir Varevac and Dragan Morić. "Primjena zgure iz čeličana kao agregata u betonu." Građevinar 63, no. 02. (2011): 169-175.
Netinger, I., et al. (2011). 'Primjena zgure iz čeličana kao agregata u betonu', Građevinar, 63(02.), pp. 169-175. Available at: (Accessed 25 September 2021)
Netinger I, Bjegović D, Varevac D, Morić D. Primjena zgure iz čeličana kao agregata u betonu. Građevinar [Internet]. 2011 [cited 2021 September 25];63(02.):169-175. Available from:
I. Netinger, D. Bjegović, D. Varevac and D. Morić, "Primjena zgure iz čeličana kao agregata u betonu", Građevinar, vol.63, no. 02., pp. 169-175, 2011. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 25 September 2021]

The study of possible use of the steel mill slag from Sisak stockpile as concrete aggregate is presented in the paper. The laboratory testing of fresh concrete, with slag as replacement for ordinary aggregate, is described. The testing of reinforced-concrete beams, in which slag is used as concrete aggregate, is also presented. According to analysis of results obtained during this study, it has been concluded that slag can be used as concrete aggregate in reinforced-concrete structures.

slag from steel industry; stockpile in Sisak; fresh concrete; reinforced-concrete beam; aggregate in concrete; laboratory tests

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