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Publication date: December 2013

Published on HRČAK: 24 April 2015
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Emotional Response, Brand Recall and Response Latency to Visual Register for Food and Beverage Print Ads (str.55-66) englishpdf 853 KB
Irma Puškarević, Uroš Nedeljković, Dragoljub Novaković
Original scientific paper
Shape Metamorphosis – Automatic 3D Mesh Generation, Topology Verification and Analysis (str.67-78) englishpdf 1 MB
Tomasz Zawadzki, Dominik Kujawa
Original scientific paper
Influence of Surface Energy of Polymer Films on Spreading and Adhesion of UV-Flexo Inks (str.79-84) englishpdf 713 KB
Vyacheslav Repeta
Short communication, Note
Influence of Gloss and Surface Roughness of Coated Ink Jet Papers on Print Uniformity (str.85-92) englishpdf 857 KB
Ivana Jurić, Dragoljub Novaković, Igor Karlović, Ivana Tomić
Short communication, Note
Optimizing Separation Parameters for Dedicated CMYKIR Reproduction Purposes With Hidden Double Information (str.93-98) englishpdf 804 KB
Ana Agić, Ivana Žiljak Stanimirović, Nikolina Stanić Loknar
Preliminary communication
Evaluation of the Mechanical Durability of the Egyptian Machine Readable Booklet Passport (str.99-110)  
Ahmed Mahmud Yosri
Professional paper
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