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Publication date: March 2004

Published on HRČAK: 22 May 2007
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Heavy Metals Accumulation in Topsoils from the Wine-growing Regions Part 1. Factors which Control Retention (str.1-10) englishpdf 299 KB
Marija Romić, Davor Romić, Dragutin Dolanjski, Ivo Stričević
Original scientific paper
Analysis of Yield Components of F1 Hybrids of Crosses between Spring and Winter Wheat Types (Triticum aestivum L.) (str.11-15) englishpdf 108 KB
Marijana Barić, Hrvoje Šarčević, Snježana Kereša
Original scientific paper
Influence of Zeatin on Wheat Regeneration from Immature Embryos (str.17-20) englishpdf 119 KB
Snježana Kereša, Marijana Barić, Hrvoje Šarčević, Jerko Gunjača
Original scientific paper
Diet Composition and Selectivity in O+ Perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) and its Competition with Adult Fish and Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) Stock in Pond Culture (str.21-27) englishpdf 184 KB
Zdeněk Adámek, Jiří Musil, Ivo Sukop
Original scientific paper
Brief Description of the Survival Analysis Procedure Using the Running Rejection Behaviour of Young Rabbits as a Model Trait (str.29-33) englishpdf 139 KB
István Nagy, András Szabó, Róbert Romvári, Zsolt Szendrő
Original scientific paper
Word of the Publisher englishpdf 45 KB
Jasmina Havranek
Word of the Editor in Chief englishpdf 54 KB
Ferdo Bašić
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