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Periodicum biologorum, Vol. 118 No. 3, 2016

Periodicum biologorum,Vol. 118 No. 3
Publication date: September 2016

Published on HRČAK: 01 December 2016
Table of contents Full text
The 17th European carabidologists meeting - continuity in exploring diversity of carabids in relation with current changes in the environment (str.143-145) englishPDF 2 MB
Lucija Seric Jelaska
Climate change and its impact on epigean and hypogean carabid beetles (str.147-162) englishPDF 2 MB
Pietro Brandmayr, Roberto Pizzolotto
Review article
Influence of mowing measures on carabid beetle fauna (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in a post-agricultural area (str.163-169) englishPDF 871 KB
Axel Schwerk, Magdalena Amelia Kitka
Original scientific paper
The effect of channel restoration on ground beetle communities in the floodplain of a channelized mountain stream (str.171-184) englishPDF 749 KB
Renata Kędzior, Tomasz Skalski, Artur Radceki-Pawlik
Original scientific paper
Do traditional land rehabilitation processes improve habitat quality and function? Life-history traits of ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) say no. (str.185-194) englishPDF 828 KB
Tomasz Skalski, Renata Kędzior, Artur Szwalec, Paweł Mundała
Original scientific paper
Recovery of surface-dwelling assemblages (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Staphylinidae) during clear-cut originated reforestation with native tree species (str.195-203) englishPDF 353 KB
Dávid D Nagy, Tibor Magura, Szabolcs Mizser, Zsuzsanna Debnár, Béla Tóthmérész
Original scientific paper
Body mass distributions along successional gradients in epigeic carabid beetle fauna (Coleoptera: Carabidae) (str.205-212) englishPDF 317 KB
Armin Schreiner, Adam Kwiatkowski, Jan Szyszko, Axel Schwerk
Original scientific paper
Effect of plant protection on assemblages of ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in pea (Pisum L.) and lupine (Lupinus L.) crops (str.213-222) englishPDF 653 KB
Agnieszka Kosewska, Mariusz Nietupski, Katarzyna Nijak, Tomasz Skalski
Original scientific paper
Body size inequality in ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) assemblages as a potential method to monitor environmental impacts of transgenic crops (str.223-230) englishPDF 694 KB
Davide Di Grumo, Gabor L Lövei
Original scientific paper
Conventional and non-inversion tillage systems as a factor causing changes in ground beetle (Col. Carabidae) assemblages in oilseed rape (Brassica napus) fields (str.231-239) englishPDF 551 KB
Agnieszka Kosewska
Original scientific paper
Habitat diversity analysis along an altitudinal sequence of alpine habitats: the Carabid beetle assemblages as a study model (str.241-254) englishPDF 2 MB
Roberto Pizzolotto, Alice Albertini, Mauro Gobbi, Pietro Brandmayr
Original scientific paper
Long-term dynamics and spatial distribution of stable and labile components in ground beetle communities (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in a mosaic of flood-plain meadows (str.255-272) englishPDF 2 MB
Olga Sergeevna Trushitsyna, Andrey Vladimirovich Matalin, Kirill Vladimirovich Makarov
Original scientific paper
Intra-specific Body Size Variation of Ground Beetles (Сoleoptera: Сarabidae) in Latitudinal Gradient (str.273-280) englishPDF 1 MB
Raisa Sukhodolskaya
Original scientific paper
Predation on epigeic, endogeic and anecic earthworms by carabids active in spring and autumn (str.281-289) englishPDF 367 KB
Lucija Seric Jelaska, William OC Symondson
Original scientific paper
Habitat preferences and demographic parameters of Nebria brevicollis (Fabricius, 1792) population in an agricultural landscape (str.291-297) englishPDF 749 KB
Brygida Radawiec, Oleg Aleksandrowicz
Original scientific paper
Introgression or low molecular differentiation? The case of Carabus maacki (str.299-306) englishPDF 2 MB
Dietrich Mossakowski
Original scientific paper
Mite infection of Carabus violaceus in rural forest patches and urban parks (str.307-309) englishPDF 337 KB
Szabolcs Mizser, Leila Nagy, Béla Tóthmérész
Short communication, Note
Group selection harvesting supports the diversity of epigaeic arthropod assemblages (Coleoptera: Carabidae; Araneidae: Araneae; Isopoda: Oniscidae) (str.311-314) englishPDF 2 MB
Zsuzsanna Debnár, Tibor Magura, Roland Horváth, Dávid D Nagy, Szabolcs Mizser, András Demkó, Bence Tajthi, Béla Tóthmérész
Short communication, Note
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