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Periodicum biologorum, Vol. 118 No. 4, 2016

Periodicum biologorum,Vol. 118 No. 4
Publication date: March 2017

Published on HRČAK: 17 March 2017
Table of contents Full text
The 40th Anniversary of the HDBMB (str.315-317) englishPDF 2 MB
Zrinka Kovarik
Overlay-independent comparisons of X-ray structures reveal small, systematic conformational changes in liganded acetylcholinesterase (str.319-328) englishPDF 19 MB
Jacqueline Rohrer, Morgana Sidhom, Jingting Han, Zoran Radić
Original scientific paper
PKA and the Structural Kinome (str.329-342) englishPDF 5 MB
Susan S. Taylor, Alexandr P. Kornev
Review article
Physiology, phylogeny, and the energetic roots of life (str.343-352) englishPDF 2 MB
William F. Martin
Review article
Cystatins, cysteine peptidase inhibitors, as regulators of immune cell cytotoxicity (str.353-362) englishPDF 2 MB
Mateja Prunk, Milica Perišić Nanut, Jerica Sabotič, Janko Kos
Review article
Molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of mutation rates in bacteria (str.363-372) englishPDF 2 MB
Ivan Matic
Review article
MicroRNA regulators of cholinergic signaling link neuromuscular, cardiac and metabolic systems (str.373-379) englishPDF 2 MB
Claudia Pienica, Hermona Soreq
Review article
Podocytes and the actin cytoskeleton as a feasible therapeutic target (str.381-384) englishPDF 2 MB
Sanja Sever, Changkyo Gu
Review article
Variations in amino acid composition in bacterial single stranded DNA–binding proteins correlate with GC content (str.385-397) englishPDF 17 MB
Tina Paradžik, Želimira Filić, Dušica Vujaklija
Original scientific paper
Bacillus subtilis single-stranded DNA-binding protein SsbA is phosphorylated at threonine 38 by the serine/threonine kinase YabT (str.399-404) englishPDF 2 MB
Abderahmane Derouiche, Dina Petranovic, Boris Macek, Ivan Mijakovic
Short communication, Note
Production of thermostable extracellular α-amylase by a moderate thermophilic Bacillus licheniformis isolated from Qinarje Hot Spring (Ardebil prov. of Iran) (str.405-416) englishPDF 3 MB
Ali Deljou, Iman Arezi
Original scientific paper
Contribution to Globularia phylogeny based on nuclear ribosomal spacer and two chloroplast DNA regions (str.417-424) englishPDF 2 MB
Kroata Hazler Pilepić, Maja Friščić, Ahmet Duran, Semir Maslo, Rade Garić, Sara Čuljak, Kristina Šutalo
Original scientific paper
Fast identification of the antibacterial in Aspergillus species (str.425-430) englishPDF 2 MB
Xiaojing Wang, LiXin Duan, Shengnan Yang, Zhengfu Zhou, Baoqing Dun
Short communication, Note
Vertical and horizontal composition of fecal pollution indicator bacteria in lotic and lentic ecosystems at Turkish Thrace (str.431-439) englishPDF 2 MB
Pinar Altinoluk-Mimiroglu, Belgin Camur-Elipek
Short communication, Note
Survival chances of ground nests in three different habitats in Krka National Park (Croatia) (str.441-444) englishPDF 2 MB
Jenő J Purger, Jasmina Mužinić
Short communication, Note
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