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Management : Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, Vol.5 No.2

Publication Date: July 2017.

Published on HRČAK: 14 July 2017
Table of contents Full text
Characteristics of acquisitions in the Central and Eastern European economies in transition (str.1-17) englishpdf 420 KB
Matej Lahovnik
Original scientific paper
Management concepts transformation in Slovenia (str.18-33) englishpdf 355 KB
Duško Uršič, Marjan Pivka
Original scientific paper
Standardization of business decision-making (str.34-50) englishpdf 341 KB
Vojko Potočan
Original scientific paper
Relation of managerial efficiency and leadership styles – Empirical study in Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d. (str.51-67) englishpdf 583 KB
Damir Skansi
Original scientific paper
Prototyping organisational variants of repetitive production (str.68-78) englishpdf 368 KB
Bozena Skolud, Slawomir Klos, Dariusz Gattner
Preliminary communication
Environmental management of business processes (str.79-93) englishpdf 300 KB
Vesna Čančer
Preliminary communication
The organizational function of governance: Development, problems, and possible changes (str.94-110) englishpdf 297 KB
Rudi Rozman
Review article
Efficiency of single-family houses and harmonisation of their life cycle participants’ interests (str.111-117) englishpdf 185 KB
Nerija Kvederyte
Book Review
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