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Politička misao : časopis za politologiju,Vol. 54 No. 4
Datum izdavanja: prosinca 2017.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 8. 12. 2017.
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Reconstructing the Intractable: The Croatia-Slovenia Border Dispute and Its Implications for EU Enlargement (str.7-39) engleskipdf 670 KB
Thomas Bickl
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The Political Economy of Crony Capitalism: A Case Study of the Collapse of the Largest Croatian Conglomerate (str.40-60) engleskipdf 317 KB
Željko Ivanković
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Gaining Political Power by Utilizing Opportunity Structures: An Analysis of the Conservative Religious-Political Movement in Croatia (str.61-84) engleskipdf 324 KB
Antonija Petričušić, Mateja Čehulić, Dario Čepo
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Socio-political and Religious Dynamics in Kosovo from the Post-Secularist Perspective (str.85-108) engleskipdf 311 KB
Ardian Gola, Gëzim Selaci
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Constitutional Design and Cultural Cleavage: UNESCO and the Struggle for Cultural Heritage in Kosovo (str.109-125) engleskipdf 469 KB
Stefan Surlić
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Socializing with the Out-Group: Testing the Contact Hypothesis among School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina (str.126-142) engleskipdf 278 KB
Matthew Thomas Becker
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Possibilities of Assessing the Changing Nature of International Politics in the Coming Multi-Order World (str.143-160) engleskipdf 615 KB
Mladen Lišanin
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Potential Adherents of Radical Islam in Europe: Methods of Recruitment and the Age of Perpetrators in Acts of Terror (str.161-184) engleskipdf 464 KB
Nikola Brzica
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The EU Accession Process: Western Balkans vs EU-10 (str.185-204) engleskipdf 298 KB
Tanja Miščević, Mojmir Mrak
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Hubert Butler and Yugoslavia (str.207-216) engleskipdf 276 KB
Dejan Djokić
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