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Croatica Chemica Acta, Vol. 52 No. 3, 1979

Croatica Chemica Acta,Vol. 52 No. 3
Publication date: November 1979

Published on HRČAK: 31 March 2018
Table of contents Full text
Association and. Precipitation of Alkaline Earth Dodecyl Sulphate in Aqueous Media (str.183-189) englishpdf 4 MB
I. Krznarić, J. Božić, N. Kallay
Original scientific paper
Phase Volume Changes in Multicomponent Extraction Systems Containing Diisopropyl Ether (str.191-206) englishpdf 5 MB
Da. Maljković, Du. Maljković, M. Branica
Original scientific paper
Potentiometric Determination of Stability Constants of 2,3-Dihydroxypropanoate Complexes of Zinc(II), Cadmium(II), and Lead(II) (str.207-211) englishpdf 2 MB
I. Kruhak, I. Filipović
Original scientific paper
Molecular Conformation of Pyridinic Aromatic Esters. II. Electronic Absorption Spectra and Dipole Moments by Semiempirical Methods (str.213-221) englishpdf 4 MB
G. Buemi, S. Fasone, D. Grasso, C. Gandolfo
Original scientific paper
Calorimetric Investigation of Grafting of Styrene and Methylmethacrylate onto Air-Preirradiated Polyethylene (str.223-231) englishpdf 4 MB
M. Barić, F. Ranogajec, I. Dvornik
Original scientific paper
On the Reference Structure for the Resonance Energy of Aromatic Hydrocarbons (str.233-248) englishpdf 7 MB
L. J. Schaad, B. Andes Hess, Jr., J. B. Nation, N. Trinajstić, I. Gutman
Original scientific paper
Geometry of Molecules. Part 4. Iterative Maximum Overlap Calculations of lnteratomic Distances, Bond Angles and Strain Energies in Some Rotanes and Related Spiro-Compounds (str.249-263) englishpdf 7 MB
K. Kovačević, Z. B. Maksić, A. Moguš
Original scientific paper
Some Integrals for Molecular Properties and Relativistic Effects over Hermite-Gaussian Functions (str.265-279) englishpdf 7 MB
Z. B. Maksić, A. Graovac, M. Primorac
Original scientific paper
Aliphatic Thymidine and Deoxyuridine Analogs (str.281-292) englishpdf 6 MB
V. Škarić, D. Erben, Z. Raza, Đ. Škarić
Original scientific paper
Metal Complexes of Carbazic Acids IV. Chromium(III) Complexes of N-Substituted Carbazic Acids (str.293-298) englishpdf 3 MB
A. K. Srivastava
Original scientific paper
Synthesis, Reactions, and Properties of 1-Phenyl-2-Propen-1-ol Derivatives (str.299-304) englishpdf 3 MB
S . T. Kulenović, R. T. Arnold
Original scientific paper
N-Hydroxy-N-p-chlorophenyl-N' -(3-chloro-4-methyl)phenyl- p-toluamidine as a New Sensitive and Selective Chromogenic Reagent for Extractive Photometric Determination of Vanadium(V) in Presence of Phenol, p-Chlorophenol or 2-Naphthol (str.305-310) englishpdf 3 MB
R. S. Kharsan, R. K. Mishra
Original scientific paper
Isomerisation of N-Acyl Benzylpenilloic Acid in Acetic Anhydride and Formation of 7, 7-Dimethyl-6-thia-3,8-diazahicyclo(3,2,1)octan-2-one (str.311-320) englishpdf 5 MB
J. J. Herak, M. Kovačević, I. Lukić, B. Gašpert
Original scientific paper
Book Reviews (str.A9-A17) englishpdf 7 MB
Case report  
HRVATSKO KEMIJSKO DRUŠTVO Redovita godišnja skupština (str.A19-A33) englishpdf 9 MB
HRVATSKO BIOKEMIJSKO DRUŠTVO Redovita godišnja skupština (str.A34-A38) englishpdf 3 MB
Profesor Robert Burns Woodward (1917-1979) (str.C11-C11) englishpdf 832 KB
In memoriam, Obituary  
Announcement (str.C12-C12) englishpdf 2 MB
Conclusion englishpdf 117 KB
Table of Contents englishpdf 1 MB
Cover Page englishpdf 300 KB
Impressum englishpdf 656 KB
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