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Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, Vol. 6 No. 4, 2018.

Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems,Vol. 6 No. 4
Datum izdavanja: prosinac 2018.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 27. 11. 2018.
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Evaluation of Sustainable Design Strategies Based on Defined Indexes at a District Level (str.609-630) engleskipdf 1 MB
Hatice Sözer, Ergin Kükrer
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Performance Analysis of Three-sides Concave Dimple Shape Roughened Solar Air Heater (str.631-648) engleskipdf 2 MB
Vikash Kumar, Laljee Prasad
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Antecedents to Creating Shared Value at Thai Waste-to-Energy Facilities (str.649-664) engleskipdf 351 KB
Thaspong Chailertpong, Thepparat Phimolsathien
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The Role of Power Consumption and Type of Air Conditioner in Direct and Indirect Water Consumption (str.665-673) engleskipdf 176 KB
Behrouz Pirouz, Mario Maiolo
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Resilience Implications of Energy Storage in Urban Water Systems (str.674-693) engleskipdf 1 MB
Susanna H. Sutherland, Brennan T. Smith
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Energy Resilience, Vulnerability and Risk in Urban Spaces (str.694-709) engleskipdf 2 MB
Guglielmina Mutani, Valeria Todeschi
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Impact of Climate Change on the Backup Infrastructure of Highly Renewable Electricity Systems (str.710-724) engleskipdf 2 MB
Smail Kozarcanin, Gorm B. Andresen, Martin Greiner
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Economic Evaluation of Renewable Energy Systems for the Optimal Planning and Design in Korea – A Case Study (str.725-741) engleskipdf 3 MB
Mo Chung, Ki-Yeol Shin, Dae-Seong Jeoune, Shin-Yeol Park, Wu-Jong Lee, Yong-Hoon Im
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Developing Energy Concept Maps – An Innovative Educational Tool for Energy Planning (str.742-754) engleskipdf 368 KB
Rebeka Kovačič Lukman, Peter Virtič
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Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Formulation of Combined Heat and Power Units for the Unit Commitment Problem (str.755-769) engleskipdf 1 MB
Martin Koller, René Hofmann
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Nonlinear Model Predictive Control applied to Transient Operation of a Gas Turbine (str.770-783) engleskipdf 378 KB
Thiago S. Pires, Manuel E. Cruz, Marcelo J. Colaço, Marco A. C. Alves
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Impact of Renewable Energy Expansion to the Balancing Energy Demand of Differential Balancing Groups (str.784-799) engleskipdf 1 MB
Thomas Spiegel
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Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems – Volume VI (str.800-801) engleskipdf 119 KB
Neven Duić
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