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Publication date: November 2018

Published on HRČAK: 28 November 2018
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Editorial for the Special Issue: “Advances in Statistical Modelling for Economic Policy-Making” in Croatian Review of Economic, Business and Social Statistics (str.1-4) englishpdf 120 KB
Blagica Novkovska, Irena Palić, Sabina Hodžić
Macroeconomic effects of the budget deficit in the Republic of Macedonia (str.5-14) englishpdf 187 KB
Martin Noveski
Original scientific paper
Correlation between profitability and transfer activity in European football (str.15-22) englishpdf 262 KB
Diána Ivett Fürész
Original scientific paper
The short-term turnover estimates in Bosnia and Herzegovina based on the VAT data (str.23-34) englishpdf 274 KB
Fahir Kanlić, Ademir Abdić
Original scientific paper
Probabilistic sampling strategy as a means of improving quality of price indices (str.35-46) englishpdf 580 KB
Rudi Seljak, Lea Bregar, Sanda Colić, Maja Dozet
Original scientific paper
Handling heteroskedasticity in labour demand functions of athletes (str.47-56) englishpdf 629 KB
Gábor Rappai, Diána Ivett Fűrész
Original scientific paper
Cluster analysis and artificial neural networks in predicting energy efficiency of public buildings as a cost-saving approach (str.57-66) englishpdf 533 KB
Marijana Zekić-Sušac, Rudolf Scitovski, Adela Has
Original scientific paper
A new link function for the prediction of binary variables (str.67-77) englishpdf 669 KB
Gloria Gheno
Original scientific paper
Identifying the determinants that cause the value movements of currencies Denar, Kuna and Dinar (str.78-85) englishpdf 277 KB
Vesna Bucevska, Goran Mojanoski
Original scientific paper
Online booking for travel and accommodation influenced by economic and digital development level: Position of the Western Balkan countries within Europe (str.86-98) englishpdf 330 KB
Berislav Žmuk, Iris Mihajlović
Original scientific paper
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