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Publication date: December 2005

Published on HRČAK: 03 April 2006
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Genetic Characterization and Relatedness among Cherry Cultivars in a Germplasm Bank by Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA Analysis (str.105-111) englishpdf 344 KB
Jesus Moreno, Isabel Trujillo
Original scientific paper
Characterisation of Non-recognized Maternal Lines of the Croatian Lipizzan Horse Using Mitochondrial DNA (str.113-119) englishpdf 154 KB
Mato Čačić, Pavo Caput, Ante Ivanković
Original scientific paper
On the Y Chromosome Haplotype of the First Farmers in the Historical Territory of Croatia and the Directions of Agricultural Diffusion in Europe (str.121-126) englishpdf 146 KB
Ivan Jurić
Original scientific paper
Application of Computer Supported Multi–criteria Decision Models in Agriculture (str.127-134) englishpdf 382 KB
Črtomir Rozman, Karmen Pažek
Original scientific paper
Infestation of Olive Fruit Fly, Bactrocera oleae, in California and Taxonomy of its Host Trees (str.135-138) englishpdf 101 KB
Mohammad Athar
Preliminary communication
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