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The Art of Words : Journal of Literary, Theatre and Film Studies,Vol. 62 No. 3-4
Publication date: May 2019

Published on HRČAK: 03 June 2019
Table of contents Full text
Energy Effect in Pavel Florensky’s Writings: Energy Communication, Language, Art and Energy Reading (str.293-314) englishpdf 438 KB
Sanja Veršić
Original scientific paper
The Traditionalist Discourse of Contemporary Russian Literature: From Neo-traditionalism to “New Realism” (str.315-337) englishpdf 168 KB
Natalia Kovtun, Natalya Klimovich
Original scientific paper
Paulus Ritter’s “False” Etymologies in Plorantis chroatiae saeculae duo (str.339-359) englishpdf 223 KB
Violeta Moretti, Igor Grbić
Original scientific paper
The Utopian Potential in Hannes Stein’s Novel Der Komet (2014) (str.361-377) englishpdf 118 KB
Jelena Spreicer
Original scientific paper
Stubborn Dark Objects of the Future (str.379-382) englishpdf 77 KB
Iva Polak
Book Review
Indigenos Mothers, Sisters, and Girlfriends, and Their Self-Inscription in the Female/Feminist Canon (str.383-387) englishpdf 81 KB
Tihana Klepač
Book Review
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