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Tourism and hospitality management, Vol. 25 No. 2, 2019.

Datum izdavanja: prosinac 2019.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 13. 6. 2019.
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Means of transport of foreign tourists in Italy and the tourism balance of payments (str.247-267) engleskipdf 591 KB
Elisabetta Ventisette
Pregledni rad
Mapping international students’ expectations from the CY hospitality and tourism higher education: an early dropout indicator (str.269-290) engleskipdf 836 KB
Michael Anastasiou
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Factors influencing Taiwanese demand to travel abroad (str.291-310) engleskipdf 1 MB
Li-Feng Lin
Prethodno priopćenje
Understanding generation Z’s travel social decision-making (str.311-334) engleskipdf 522 KB
Christina K. Dimitriou, Emad AbouElgheit
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What motivates posting online travel reviews? Integrating gratifications with technological acceptance factors (str.335-354) engleskipdf 558 KB
Shuchita Bakshi, Nikita Dogra, Anil Gupta
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Determining behaviour intentions from the overall destination image and risk perception (str.355-375) engleskipdf 563 KB
Mohammad Shabib Khasawneh, Ashraf Mohammad Alfandi
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Dynamic capabilities and high performance organization of hotel business: empirical investigation into world class tourism destination (str.377-401) engleskipdf 834 KB
Kanittha Pattanasing, Somnuk Aujirapongpan, Suwit Srimai
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Customer satisfaction & engagement behaviors towards the room rate strategy of luxury hotels (str.403-420) engleskipdf 557 KB
Nga Thi Vo, Miloslava Chovancová
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TEACHING CASE STUDY: Mon Perin ltd.:example of community-owned tourism (str.421-429) engleskipdf 781 KB
Jelena Đurkin Badurina
DOCTORAL DISSERTATION SUMMARY: Generational cohorts affiliation as a basic behavioural determinant of congress tourism participants (str.431-434) engleskipdf 227 KB
Marina Barkiđija Sotošek
DOCTORAL DISSERTATION SUMMARY: Service quality measurement in national parks in the Republic of Croatia: application of modified ECOSERV model (str.435-438) engleskipdf 227 KB
Iva Valčić
DOCTORAL DISSERTATION SUMMARY: Climate changes as determinants in shaping tourism supply – attitudes of management (str.439-444) engleskipdf 311 KB
Aleksandar Racz
DOCTORAL DISSERTATION SUMMARY: The contribution of health tourism to economic sustainability of tourist destination (str.445-449) engleskipdf 416 KB
Ognjen Blažević
BOOK REVIEW: Attracting visitors to ancient neighbourhoods. Creation and management of the tourist-historic city of Plymouth, UK. Daniel Barrera-Fernández, (2016), PhD Series InPlanning, Groningen, The Netherlands ISBN 978-94-91937-19-4, 290 pp. (str.451-453) engleskipdf 395 KB
Alejandro Morales-Basaldú
Recenzija, Prikaz
Reviewers (str.455-456) engleskipdf 217 KB
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