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Transactions on Maritime Science, Vol. 08 No. 02, 2019

Transactions on Maritime Science,Vol. 08 No. 02
Publication date: October 2019

Published on HRČAK: 22 October 2019
Table of contents Full text
From Editor-in-Chief (str.156) englishpdf 95 KB
Igor Vujović
A Procedure of Implementing Exploratry Mixed Method Research in Dry Ports Management (str.157-170) englishpdf 837 KB
Jagan Jeevan, Yapa Mahinda Bandara, Nurul Haqimin Mohd Salleh, Abdul Hafaz Ngah, Rudiah Hanafiah
Preliminary communication
Automatic Taxi Directional Control System of Carrier-based Aircraft (str.171-179) englishpdf 797 KB
Mariusz Krawczyk, Cezary Szczepański, Albert Zajdel
Original scientific paper
Stability Assessment of Drill Ship Using Probabilistic Damage Stability Analysis (str.180-197) englishpdf 2 MB
Poonam Mohan, A.P. Shashikala
Review article
Selection of UUV Type ROV Equipment and Cooperation System with USV "Edredon" in Protection Tasks of Ports and Critical Objects (str.198-204) englishpdf 1012 KB
Zygmunt Kitowski
Preliminary communication
How to Avoid Mistakes in Software Development for Unmanned Vehicles (str.205-212) englishpdf 133 KB
Cezary Szczepański, Marcin Ciopcia
Professional paper
Port Area of Split Port Authority in the Function of Economic Development: Concessionaires Attitudes (str.213-218) englishpdf 131 KB
Vice Mihanović, Ivan Peronja, Luka Vukić
Review article
Analysis of Overall and Pure Technical Efficiency of Tourism in Europe (str.219-229) englishpdf 158 KB
Vesna Prorok, Nenad Šerić, Ivan Peronja
Preliminary communication
External Costs on the Island of Vis: Comparison of Two Traffic Modes (str.230-234) englishpdf 120 KB
Luka Vukić, Lidija Runko Luttenberger, Katarina Balić, Merica Slišković
Review article
Mission Statements in Port Authorities: Empirical Analysis of Content in Spanish Port System (str.235-245) englishpdf 230 KB
Ignacio de la Peña Zarzuelo, María Jesús Freire-Seoaneb, Beatriz López Bermúdez
Professional paper
Model of Forensic Hydrography (str.246-252) englishpdf 156 KB
Josip Kasum, Marko Pilić, Nebojša Jovanović, Harrison Pienaar
Preliminary communication
A Review of Autonomous and Remotely Controlled Ships in Maritime Sector (str.253-265) englishpdf 439 KB
Karlo Bratić, Ivan Pavić, Srđan Vukša, Ladislav Stazić
Review article
ŚÏDRO (str.268-269) croatianpdf 51 KB
THE ANCHOR (str.268-269) englishpdf 51 KB
Ante Božanić, Mirna Čudić Žgela
ŚOMÀ ŚOMCÃTA (str.270-271) croatianpdf 64 KB
ALONE, ALONE, ALL ALONE (str.270-271) englishpdf 64 KB
Ante Božanić, Mirna Čudić Žgela
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