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Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering : Journal for Theory and Application of Forestry Engineering,Vol. 40 No. 2
Publication date: August 2019

Published on HRČAK: 20 November 2019
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Cost Analysis of Innovative Biomass Harvesting Systems for Young Dense Thinnings (str.221-230) englishpdf 816 KB
Dan Bergström
Original scientific paper
Biomass Yield and Fuel Properties of Different Poplar SRC Clones (str.231-238) englishpdf 943 KB
Dinko Vusić, Davorin Kajba, Ivan Andrić, Ivan Gavran, Tin Tomić, Ivana Plišo Vusić, Željko Zečić
Original scientific paper
Selected Environmental Impacts of Forest Harvesting Operations with Varying Degree of Mechanization (str.239-257) englishpdf 3 MB
Eric R. Labelle, Kevin J. Lemmer
Original scientific paper
What Do We Observe When We Equip a Forestry Crane with Motion Sensors? (str.259-280) croatianpdf 4 MB
Pedro La Hera, Daniel Ortiz Morales
Original scientific paper
Assessing Cable Tensile Forces and Machine Tilt of Winch-Assisted Forwarders on Steep Terrain under Real Working Conditions (str.281-296) englishpdf 3 MB
Thomas Holzfeind, Christian Kanzian, Karl Stampfer, Franz Holzleitner
Original scientific paper
Simulation Modeling of Truck Load of Skidding Tractors with a Grapple for Chokerless Skidding (str.297-310) englishpdf 2 MB
Ilya R. Shegelman, Pavel V. Budnik, Vyacheslav N. Baklagin
Original scientific paper
Productivity of a Portable Winch System Used in Salvage Logging of Storm-Damaged Timber (str.311-318) englishpdf 719 KB
Ebru Bilici, Güryay Volkan Andiç, Abdullah Emin Akay, John Sessions
Original scientific paper
Evaluation of Different Best Management Practices for Erosion Control on Machine Operating Trails (str.319-325) englishpdf 505 KB
Ahmad Solgi, Ramin Naghdi, Eric R. Labelle, Farshad Keivan Behjou, Vahid Hemmati
Original scientific paper
Using Wood-Shred, Rice-Straw and Brush-Wood-Dams with Planting Seedlings to Runoff and Erosion Control in a Forest Road Fill Slope (str.327-339) englishpdf 2 MB
Mohammad Ali Fakhari, Majid Lotfalian, Seyed Ataollah Hosseini, Abdulvahed Khaledi Darvishan
Original scientific paper
Effects of Ground-Based Skidding on Soil Physical Properties in Skid Trail Switchbacks (str.341-350) englishpdf 454 KB
Ahmad Solgi, Ramin Naghdi, Eric K. Zenner, Petros A. Tsioras, Vahid Hemmati
Original scientific paper
Addressing Occupational Ergonomics Issues in Indonesian Forestry: Laborers, Operators, or Equivalent Workers (str.351-363) englishpdf 1 MB
Efi Yuliati Yovi, Yozo Yamada
Original scientific paper
Assessment of Broad-Leaved Forest Stand Management: Stock Densities, Thinning Costs and Profits over a 60-Year Rotation Period (str.365-375) englishpdf 775 KB
Yasushi Suzuki, Tetsuhiko Yoshimura
Original scientific paper
Physical Strain, Exposure to Noise and Postural Assessment in Motor-Manual Felling of Willow Short Rotation Coppice: Results of a Preliminary Study (str.377-388) englishpdf 2 MB
Stelian Alexandru Borz, Nicolae Talagai, Marius Cheţa, Diana Chiriloiu, Alex Vinicio Gavilanes Montoya, Danny Daniel Castillo Vizuete, Marina Viorela Marcu
Preliminary communication
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