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Datum izdavanja: veljače 2020.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 1. 9. 2020.
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Motivation of civil engineers and architects in Turkey (str.2044-2052) engleskipdf 173 KB
Atilla Damci, David Arditi, Gul Polat, Harun Turkoglu
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Potentials of artificial intelligence in construction management (str.2053-2063) engleskipdf 207 KB
Wolfgang Eber
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On-site inspections: the shift from forms to digital capture (str.2064-2071) engleskipdf 174 KB
Christian Nordahl Rolfsen
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Detecting unbalanced bids via an improved grading-based model (str.2072-2082) engleskipdf 460 KB
Gul Polat, Harun Turkoglu, Atilla Damci, Firat Dogu Akin
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Qualitative analysis of Request For Information to identify design flaws in steel construction projects (str.2083-2094) engleskipdf 366 KB
Mathieu Fokwa Soh, Daniel Barbeau, Sylvie Doré, Daniel Forgues
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Demystifying progressive design build: implementation issues and lessons learned through case study analysis (str.2095-2108) engleskipdf 3 MB
Luming Shang, Giovanni C. Migliaccio
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Industrialization of construction: Implications on standards, business models and project orientation (str.2109-2116) engleskipdf 236 KB
Niclas Andersson, Jerker Lessing
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Four stages of making project management flexible: insight, importance, implementation and improvement (str.2117-2136) engleskipdf 676 KB
Afshin Jalali Sohi, Marian Bosch-Rekveldt, Marcel Hertogh
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Application of time series models for heating degree day forecasting (str.2137-2146) engleskipdf 3 MB
Merve Kuru, Gulben Calis
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Erratum to: Review of previous applications of innovative information technologies in construction health and safety (str.2147-2147) engleskipdf 452 KB
Matej Mihic, Mladen Vukomanović, Ivica Završki
Model and data management issues in the integrated assessment of existing building stocks (str.2148-2157) engleskipdf 2 MB
Meliha Honic, Iva Kovacic
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Organisational culture of construction companies in Lagos State, Nigeria (str.2158-2169) engleskipdf 601 KB
Alao, T.O., Aina O.O.
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Symbiosis of life-cycle structural design and asset management based on Building Information Modeling: Application for industrial facility equipment (str.2170-2180) engleskipdf 2 MB
Lisa Lenz, Kai Christian Weist, Marvin Hoepfner, Panagiotis Spyridis, Mike Gralla
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Unsuccessful bids: Coefficient of variation of bids as indicator of project risk (str.2193-2199) engleskipdf 152 KB
Young Joo Kim, Miroslaw J. Skibniewsk
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An automated nD model creation on BIM models (str.2218-2231) engleskipdf 2 MB
Miroslav Vycital, Cenek Jarský
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Construction labor and skill shortages in Croatia: causes and response strategies (str.2232-2244) engleskipdf 395 KB
Anita Ceric, Ivona Ivic
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EPC 4.0: The quest for reducing CAPEX in EPC projects (str.2245-2255) engleskipdf 775 KB
Reinhard F. Wagner
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Improving competences of engineers and workers in the AEC industry for delivering NZEBs (str.2256-2274) engleskipdf 5 MB
Sanjin Gumbarević, Bojan Milovanović, Marina Bagarić, Mergim Gaši, Ivana Burcar Dunović
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Study of factors affecting the performance of construction projects in AEC industry (str.2275-2282) engleskipdf 643 KB
Saurav Dixit
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