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Review of psychology, Vol. 10 No. 2, 2003.

Datum izdavanja: travnja 2003.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 5. 5. 2006.
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Response-order effect in some self-reported personality questionnaires: The cases of 16PF and BFQ (str.65-74) engleskipdf 799 KB
Valentin Bucik
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The structure and stability of coping with low-control stressors (str.75-84) engleskipdf 760 KB
Vesna Buško, Alija Kulenović
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National identity and social distance: Does in-group loyalty lead to outgroup hostility? (str.85-94) engleskipdf 802 KB
Dinka Čorkalo, Željka Kamenov
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The Impact of the Northern Ireland Conflict on Social Identity, Groupthink and Integrative Complexity in Great Britain (str.95-106) engleskipdf 943 KB
Andreas Hergovich, Andreas Olbrich
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A German value questionnaire developed on a lexical basis: Construction and steps toward a validation (str.107-124) engleskipdf 1 MB
Walter Renner
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Extraversion and paired-associate recall (str.125-130) engleskipdf 419 KB
Zvonimir Knezović, Ksenija Bauer
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Parenting styles, aims, attitudes, and future orientation of adolescents and young adults (str.131-140) engleskipdf 784 KB
Szilvia Jámbori, Hedvig Sallay
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Social acceptance and self-concept in students attending heterogeneous and ability-grouped classes (str.141-150) engleskipdf 786 KB
Sonja Pečjak, Melita Puklek Levpušček, Cirila Peklaj, Drago Žagar
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