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Acta Botanica Croatica, Vol. 61 No. 1, 2002

Publication date: June 2002

Published on HRČAK: 02 June 2006
Table of contents Full text
Effect of a cyanobacterial community on calcium carbonate precipitation in Puente del Inca (Mendoza, Argentina) (str.1-9) englishpdf 770 KB
S.G. Ferrari, M.C. Italiano, H.J. Silva
Original scientific paper
Standardisation of instrumentation in plant DNA image cytometry (str.11-26) englishpdf 460 KB
B. Vilhar, M. Dermastia
Original scientific paper
Effect of paclobutrazol and sucrose on in vitro cormel formation in gladiolus (str.27-33) englishpdf 344 KB
V. Nagaraju, G. Bhowmik, V. A. Parthasarathy
Original scientific paper
A study on Reseda lutea L. distributed naturally in West Anatolia in Turkey (str.35-43) englishpdf 340 KB
Y. Dogan, S. Baslar, H.H. Mert
Original scientific paper
Taxonomic and chorologic revision of the Polypodium vulgare complex in Herbarium Croaticum and the Ivo and Marija Horvat Herbarium (str.45-49) englishpdf 831 KB
V. Hršak
Original scientific paper
The taxonomy, chorology and ecology of Stachys menthifolia Vis. (Lamiaceae) in the north-west part of its distribution area (str.51-56) englishpdf 778 KB
Č. Šilić, M.E. Šolić
Original scientific paper
Checklist of phytoplankton in the eastern Adriatic Sea (str.57-91) englishpdf 587 KB
D. Viličić, I. Marasović, D. Mioković
Original scientific paper
IN MEMORIAM Professor Ana Šarić (str.94-98) englishpdf 346 KB
B. Cvjetković-Monti
In memoriam, Obituary
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