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Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica, Vol. 17 No. 3, 2009

Publication date: March 2009

Published on HRČAK: 22 October 2012
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Contents englishPDF 116 KB
Thematic Issue of Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica; Psoriasis - State-of-the-Art englishPDF 114 KB
Jasna Lipozenčić
The Role of CD4 and CD8 Lymphocytes and Macrophages in Psoriasis Vulgaris englishPDF 372 KB
Leo Čabrijan, Jasna Lipozenčić, Tanja Batinac, Sandra Peternel, Zrinjka Paštar
Could Anti IL12/23 Therapy Replace Anti-TNF Biologics? englishPDF 410 KB
Marius A. Ionescu, Jasna Lipozenčić
Fumaric Acid and Its Derivatives in the Treatment of Psoriasis Vulgaris: Our Experience in Forty-One Patients englishPDF 264 KB
Franco Kokelj, Carmela Plozzer, Andrea Avian, Giusto Trevisan
The Genetics of Psoriasis - Selected Novelties in 2008 englishPDF 307 KB
Aida Pašić, Jasna Lipozenčić, Romana Ćeović, Krešimir Kostović
Apoptosis in Psoriasis englishPDF 254 KB
Marija Kaštelan, Larisa Prpić-Massari, Ines Brajac
Vitamin D Endocrine System and Psoriasis Vulgaris - Review of the Literature englishPDF 319 KB
Ivana Ručević, Vladimira Barišić-Druško, Ljubica Glavaš-Obrovac, Mario Stefanić
Psoriasis in Pregnancy: A Review of Most Important Literature Data englishPDF 232 KB
Romana Ćeović, Jasna Lipozenčić, Aida Pašić, Krešimir Kostović
Psoriasis and Psyche - What`s New? What is Clinically Relevant? englishPDF 283 KB
Dennis Linder, Giulia Forchetti
Treatment of Severe Psoriasis with Infliximab: Report of Two Cases englishPDF 342 KB
Sandra Peternel, Larisa Prpić-Massari, Tina Guina, Srđan Novak, Ines Brajac, Marija Kaštelan
Detection of GD3 Ganglioside in Primary Melanomas Depends on Histopathologic Procedures Used for Tumor Preservation englishPDF 445 KB
Sebastien Debarbieux, Iuliana Popa, Luc Thomas, Jean Kanitakis, Fabrice Pirot, Jacques Portoukalian, Marek Haftek
Antipruritic Effect of Natural Superoxide Dismutase - Sensory Evaluation englishPDF 454 KB
Christian Diehl, Elsa Vaurillon, Jasna Lipozenčić
Immunologic Aspects of Atopic Dermatitis englishPDF 294 KB
Jasna Lipozenčić, Zrinjka Paštar, Ivan Pavić, Sandra Marinović Kulišić
12th World Congress on Cancers of the Skin englishPDF 206 KB
Larisa Prpić-Massari, Marija Kaštelan
Oxford Handbook of Genitourinary Medicine, HIV and AIDS R. Pattman, M. Snow, P. Handy, K. N. Sankar and B. Elawad, Eds. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 2005 Pages: 580 (pocket book) ISBN 0-19-852077-8 englishPDF 220 KB
Jasna Lipozenčić, Branka Marinović
Case report
Annoucements englishPDF 293 KB
Instruction to the Authors englishPDF 188 KB
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