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Tourism and hospitality management, Vol. 18 No. 2, 2012

Publication date: December 2012

Published on HRČAK: 19 December 2012
Table of contents Full text
Editorial (str.III-IV) englishpdf 89 KB
Jože Perić
Forecasting the demand for health tourism in Asian countries using a GM(1,1)-alpha model (str.171-181) englishpdf 200 KB
Ya-Ling Huang
Original scientific paper
Measuring liquidity on stock market: impact on liquidity ratio (str.183-193) englishpdf 222 KB
Siniša Bogdan, Suzana Bareša, Saša Ivanović
Preliminary communication
Creating value chain model and shaping authentic tourism product: the case of South Serbia (str.195-211) englishpdf 167 KB
Jovica Mojić
Preliminary communication
Attitudes of citizens of Dubrovnik towards the impact of cruise tourism on Dubrovnik (str.213-228) englishpdf 245 KB
Doris Peručić, Barbara Puh
Preliminary communication
Touristic destination ambassadors, case analysis and conceptualization. How to better understand and use brand ambassadors in cognitive, affective and experiential approaches (str.229-258) englishpdf 606 KB
Pablo Brice de Diesbach
Review article
Study on some factors for healthy nutrition environment in restaurants in Southwestern Bulgaria (str.259-266) englishpdf 90 KB
Ludmila Ivanova, Julieta Trifonova, Ilinka Terziyska
Review article
The role of marketing philosophy in rural tourism development (str.267-279) englishpdf 137 KB
Božo Mihailović, Ilija Moric
Review article
Accessing demand characteristics of agritourism in Italy (str.281-296) englishpdf 158 KB
Yasuo Ohe, Adriano Ciani
Review article
The idea of destination brand licensing and the question of its effectiveness (str.297-312) englishpdf 151 KB
Michal Zemla
Review article
Book review: Leksikon turizma (Tourism lexicon, (Ed.) Sonja Sibila Lebe) (str.313-314) englishpdf 51 KB
Suzana Marković
Case report
Reviewers (str.317) englishpdf 25 KB
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