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SIC : a journal of literature, culture and literary translation,Vol. 3 No. 2
Publication date: June 2013

Published on HRČAK: 02 March 2014
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(Re)Presentation of “the” past in Berlin-Mitte after German Reunification, and its Implications for Cultural Production through Appropriation of Space englishpdf 132 KB
Mary Dellenbaugh
Original scientific paper
Cormac McCarthy’s The Road Revisited: Memory and Language in Post-Apocalyptic Fiction englishpdf 117 KB
Kristjan Mavri
Original scientific paper
Trauma and Memory in Magical Realism: Eden Robinson’s Monkey Beach as Trauma Narrative englishpdf 123 KB
Anja Mrak
Original scientific paper
Collective Memory of International Women’s Day in Part of the Feminist Community in Croatia englishpdf 124 KB
Marina Petras
Original scientific paper
Personal and Cultural Memories in War Tourism englishpdf 130 KB
Anita Skelin Horvat
Original scientific paper
War Stories: Narrative Sense-Making in German Eastern Front Soldier Memoirs englishpdf 117 KB
Hope Sneddon, Jesper Gulddal
Original scientific paper
Politics of Memory: A Study in Latin American Revolutionary Cinema croatianpdf 126 KB
Mario Županović
Original scientific paper
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