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Chemical and biochemical engineering quarterly

Status: aktivan
ISSN 0352-9568 (Tisak)
ISSN 1846-5153 (Online)
UDK: 66
Berislaviceva 6
HR-10000 Zagreb
Tel/fax: +385 1 4872 490
Izdavač: Hrvatsko društvo kemijskih inženjera i tehnologa
  Berislavićeva ul. 6/I, 10 001 ZAGREB
  phone: 385 1 4872 499
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The initiative to start with publication of a new journal Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly (CABEQ) as a part of European Alpe-Adria initiative for regional co-operation between Austria, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia. Aim of the journal to advance communication between chemical and biochemical engineers and scientists from Central Europe and Mediterranean countries. The journal accepts contributions of original scientific papers, reviews, preliminary communications, professional papers, conference papers, opinion papers and notes. The first issue of CABEQ appeared in March 1987, and since that date it has been continuously published for 20 years, four issues per year. CABEQ is referred to in the following data bases: Current Contents, Web of Science, Science Direct, Scopus, SCI, Chemical Abstract, Chemical Engineering Abstracts, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts, Chemicher Informationsdienst, SCI-Biotechnology Abstracts, and russian Referativni Žurnal. Offprint of the articles are available through The Genuine Article® delivery program of the American Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).

Editor in Chief: Prof. Želimir Kurtanjek, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Associate Editors:
Prof. Mario Grassi, University of Trieste, Italy
Prof. Igor Plazl, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prof. Michael Narodoslawsky, TU Graz, Austria

Editorial Board
Prof. Đurđa Vasić Rački, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. Bruno Zelić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. Marko Rogošić, University of Zagreb, Croatia,
Prof. Božidar Šantek, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. Paolo Alessi, University of Trieste, Italy
Prof. Polona Žnidaršič Plazl, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prof. Igor Plazl, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prof. Peter Glavič, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Prof. Zdravko Kravanja, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Prof. Mario Grassi University of Trieste, Italy
Dr. Dinko Sinčić, Zagreb, Croatia
Dr. Martin Koller, University of Graz, Austria

Znanstveni savjetodavni odbor
Roland Wohlgemuth (Switzerland), John Woodley (Denmark), Goran Jovanović (USA), Vladimir Mahalec (Canada), Milan Popović (Germany), Romano Lapasin (Italy), Ivan Wichterle (Czech Republic), Grozdana Bogdanić (Czech Republic), Marin Hraste (Croatia), Zoran Gomzi (Croatia), Stanka Zrnčević (Croatia)

Prva godina izlaženja: 1987

Učestalost izlaženja (godišnje): 4

Područja pokrivanja: Kemijsko inženjerstvo; Biotehnologija;

Uključen u Hrčak: 7.02.2006.

Prava korištenja: Journal "Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly" is an Open Access journal at the highest possible level. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, redistribute, print, search and link to material, and alter, transform, or build upon the material as long as they attribute the source in an appropriate manner according to the CC BY license. Journal does not charge author any publication fee (APC).
Self-archiving policy Sherpa/ROMEO blue route since 2013.

All published manuscripts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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