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Antipedagogy and contemporary concepts of education

Marko Pranjić ; Hrvatski Studiji Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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Education as the central theme of educational sciences does not cease to preoccupy pedagogues from diverse cultural contexts. Th ey try to explore the concept of education from every point of view in order to
defi ne its essence, explore it and improve it as much as possible. Th is article, starting with a refl ection on the concept of antipedagogy and its specifi cities, tries to contribute to such exploration by presenting and critically analyzing three modern approaches to education: pedagogical optimism, pedagogical pessimism and pedagogical interaction/realism, also referring to individual responsibility of the person being educated, as well as to some important educational agents. Pedagogical optimism and pedagogical pessimism are seen as extreme positions, which are scholarly diffi cult to defend, and consequently not expected to have a promising future, while pedagogical interaction/realism is seen as a more realistic view of education that contains elements of real pedagogical optimism and critical pedagogical pessimism, has a signifi cantly larger number of supporters of the educational science research, and thus promises to have a brighter future. Th ere is, however, no intention to ignore the crucial feature of the person being educated, that is, their freedom which, regardless of the quality of education, may threaten the very educational process as well as the eff ect of the educational eff ort. Educational agents and their mutual interaction and communication have not been avoided, and neither have some other important educational issues that attract the investigative creativity of contemporary promoters of educational sciences.

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antipedagogy; pedagogical optimism; pedagogical pessimism; pedagogical interaction/realism; pedagogical agents

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