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New Security Models and Public-private Partnership

Vlatko Cvrtila ; University of Applied Sciences VERN, Zagreb, Croatia
Anita Perešin ; Office of National Security Council, Zagreb, Croatia

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APA 6th Edition
Cvrtila, V. i Perešin, A. (2014). New Security Models and Public-private Partnership. Collegium antropologicum, 38 Supplement 1 (1), 195-204. Preuzeto s
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Cvrtila, Vlatko i Anita Perešin. "New Security Models and Public-private Partnership." Collegium antropologicum 38 Supplement 1, br. 1 (2014): 195-204.
Cvrtila, V., i Perešin, A. (2014). 'New Security Models and Public-private Partnership', Collegium antropologicum, 38 Supplement 1(1), str. 195-204. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 09.12.2021.)
Cvrtila V, Perešin A. New Security Models and Public-private Partnership. Collegium antropologicum [Internet]. 2014 [pristupljeno 09.12.2021.];38 Supplement 1(1):195-204. Dostupno na:
V. Cvrtila i A. Perešin, "New Security Models and Public-private Partnership", Collegium antropologicum, vol.38 Supplement 1, br. 1, str. 195-204, 2014. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 09.12.2021.]

Transformation of contemporary security threats shapes new security environment and security paradigm. They explain the transition from security environment, in which conflict is the dominant one, to environment in which all security actors have to prepare various non-military responses to security threats, and very often have to cooperate. New security needs are being developed but in them public sector has less possibilities and capacities for independent actions. Given the nature of endangerment, it seems necessary to create new models of security activities which will involve everyone who can contribute to the prevention and suppression of new threats, and creating resistance of society as a whole. Security response is no longer based only on the reactions to threats, but more on prevention. By taking this into account, it is expected the broader participation of different actors in mutual social responsibilities, thus creating conditions for the development of preventive model as the best answer.In this paper we will analyze the development of new policies of response to security threats and contemporary crisis which is reflected in the formation of public-private partnerships with the private sector in the areas where is common interest and in the involvement of citizens in all aspects of the security activities, particularly in preventive one.

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security threats; new security paradigm; public-private partnership, prevention

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